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Organic Pioneering

Organic Pioneering: Sustainable and Social

Since the beginning of the projects in Turkey the aim is to ensure 100% organic quality in social andfair responsibility towards the Turkish farmers.

Guaranteed without compromise!

The main reasons why RAPUNZEL is unique in Turkey

  • 100% certified and controlled organic quality
  • Continuous development of organic cultivation projects in Turkey
  • Rapunzel is directly responsible for the entire value chain from cultivation to the store counter
  • Six agricultural engineers are employed permanently by Rapunzel: They are responsible for consultancy service, continual training and on-site control of the farmers
  • Purchase and delivery directly from the farmer, without any intermediate traders in between
  • Rapunzel guarantees a non-mixed product; traceability is given with farmers' codes
  • Strict plausibility checks- putting harvest amounts in relation to cultivated acreage
  • Use of 100% organic inputs (frequent research and analysis done for new organic fertilizer and pesticides)
  • Fair partnerships and fair prices for farmers with up to a 15% additional organic premium
  • Farmers receive pre-payment and Rapunzel purchases crops as agreed beforehand
  • Frequent quality checks of the products performed by Rapunzel's quality assurance and accredited external laboratories in Turkey and Germany
  • Proprietary processing plant and storage facilities exclusively for organic products (reliable protection against contamination and mixing with conventional products)
  • All additional ingredients for processing such as rice flour and sunflower oil, rice, spices and herbs come exclusively from organic cultivation
  • Exceptionally high social standards for Turkey that include health insurance, pension insurance and free warm lunch for all employees
  • Bright, pleasant and ecologically air conditioned workplaces; washrooms and social rooms in compliance with German occupational health and safety standards
  • No child or forced labor and no home jobs; guaranteed contributions to social insurance and assurance of hygiene and quality standards
    Energy efficiency & high ecological standards for the entire manufacturing process

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