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Processing in Ören

Why does Rapunzel have an own company for processing in Ören?

Rapunzel invested in 1997 in its own processing facility, which is exclusively working with 100% organic products:
  • Rapunzel produces and controls only 100 % organic products with a team that includes 4 food engineers. The number of workers in high season reaches up to 250 people
  • Total enclosed area in Ören is around 11.218 m²
  • Total open are in Ören is arround 31.133 m²
  • Total agricultural area is 15.100 m² 
  • Total capacity of cold warehouses in Ören is approximately 1300 tons
  • Rapunzel provides private labeled retail products as well as Rapunzel Brand, with a capacity of 9 tons of packed products a day
  • Rapunzel pays great attention to and assures work safety, comfortable and healthy working environment and also high motivation for the workers (every year the new season starts with all workers and staff with a season opening celebration, included in this are the wishes for a fruitful crop for all products)
  • Rapunzel cares and provides all the social and legal rights of the employees, as well as a free warm lunch for all staff and workers every day

The processing facility is regularly audited for social standards.

Premise: Guarantee for the customers

  • Control over the whole value chain from farmer to export; 100% organic, therefore no risk of mixing with conventional products during processing
  • Careful processing which assures that the products are as natural as possible
  • Assurance of good product quality (warehousing for temperature and humidity control, control of insects)
  • The living insects, worms, larvae and eggs are eliminated by shock freezing units and CO2-treatment for storage pests control

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