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About Us
Organic Farming Projects
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Organic Pioneering

Rapunzel: The first in Turkey, that...

...worked with Organic Agriculture and works 100 % organic IFOAM Member
...founded the Organic Compost Production Center the ISO 22000 certificate as an Organic Food Producer
...had its own Shock Freezing, CO2, Cool Storage, Warehouses
...serving Organic Agriculture as a Consultant
...realized Organic Agriculture and Organic Village Projects
...purchases directly from the contracted farmer without a trader in between

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Sustainability and Social Responsibility Activities

  • Rapunzel Organik Tarım plants one pine tree in Tekelioğlu organic village: per each container or truck ordered by its clients, and as well as a birthday present for each staff member every year. Over the years Tekelioğlu is now surrounded by pine trees. In this way Rapunzel aims to increase the plantation of trees in the area, therefore help the prevention of air pollution – and compensate for emissions through transport.
  • Rapunzel uses only electricity consuming machinery in its premises in order to reduce its carbon dioxide emission from its production activities. The long-term aim of Rapunzel is to produce its own electricity by using solar energy as is already being done by Rapunzel in Germany.
  • Rapunzel pays great attention to and assures work safety, comfortable and healthy working environment and also high motivation for the workers (every year the new season starts e.g. together with all workers and staff performing a season opening celebration to wish for a fruitful crop for all products).
  • Rapunzel cares and provides all the social and legal rights of the employees, as well as a free warm lunch for all staff and workers every day.

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