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Joseph Wilhelm in the store room 1978
Joseph Wilhelm in the store room 1978

Two friends - one vision

1974Joseph Wilhelm and Jennifer Vermeulen found a company that has the goal to sell healthy foods from controlled organic cultivation.

1975Opening of the „Rapunzel“ natural health food store in Augsburg along with an organic gardening enterprise and a wood-fired bakery. Numerous health food stores open all over Germany. “Rapunzel” organizes the supply of the health food stores.

1979Both the company and the product range expand. „Rapunzel“ moves to a farm in the Allgäu. Production of nut spreads and muesli; start of the „Rapunzel“ whole sale.

1980Joseph Wilhelm travels to Italy and Turkey in order to initiate the first projects promoting controlled organic cultivation. To this day, these projects play a central role.

1986Move to Legau into the building of the former dairy company, today’s company headquarters.

1989Opening of an office in Izmir/Turkey. Setup of the company quality lab.

1990Conversion into a public limited company.

1991Foundation of RAPUNZEL France near Avignon/France.

1996Foundation of the subsidiary Pure Organic USA.

1997Foundation of RAPUNZEL Turkey and RAPUNZEL Iberica (Spain).

2003In Bad Grönenbach near Legau, RAPUNZEL opens a distribution center with a total area of 11,300 m². The fully automated high rack warehouse fits a total of 14,000 pallets. Three climate zones at 4, 10 and 15°C guarantee individual handling of the products. Incoming and outgoing goods are handled on 10 loading ramps.

2004RAPUNZEL receives the approval as Demeter producer.

2005The company celebrates its 30th anniversary.

2007RAPUNZEL expands the production and installs a biomass power plant and one of the largest photovoltaic plants in the Allgäu by equipping all the roofs in Legau and the distribution center Bad Grönenbach with solar panels.
A total of 4,000 people participate in GENFREI GEHEN – the march for a World Without Genetically Manipulated Organisms from Lübeck to Lindau.

2008Joseph Wilhelm launches the ONE WORLD AWARD that is endowed for the first time at the IFOAM World Congress in Modena.
300 full and part-time staff work at RAPUNZEL.

2009GENFREI GEHEN: second march for a GMO-free world from Berlin to Brussels with thousands of supporters

2010Bestowal of the second ONE WORLD AWARDS at the One World Festival in Legau
Opening of the interactive Organic Museum, installation of a transparent visitors‘ gangway through the production and of a multimedia event room (cinema)
Completion of a new roasting plant for nuts and oil seeds with gentle processing technology and resource-conserving energy concept

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