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Vision and Philosophy

Vision of Rapunzel:

Our contribution to a healthy and peaceful world is the production of healthy organic premium food products.

Our products are accessible to everyone and we try to maintain the wellbeing of people.

Our production of organic foods supports the further expansion of organic agriculture and thus contributes to the preservation of the natural environment for today’s and future generations.

According to our philosophy it is meaningless to produce our products from a mix of organic and conventional agriculture (no parallel production). For this reason we support farms that practice organic farming methods in every aspect of their farming operations.

Rapunzel philosophy:

  • Organic quality and the wholesome quality of our food products have the highest priority.
  • We treat our partner fairly and consider the social and economic conditions in their countries.
  • Our partners in agriculture, processing and trade share our philosophy.
  • We know the origins of our products.
  • We are committed to food products that are produced and processed without GMO.
  • We actively protect the environment through our actions. In our decisions we consider the protection of natural resources and the climate as well as the preservation of biodiversity.
  • Safe workplaces and good employee morale are the foundation of our success. Self-fulfillment (being at the right place), joy and fun at work are the cornerstones of our company culture.
  • The economic success of our company is the prerequisite for achieving and securing all our social and ecological goals. Innovation, productivity and efficiency are our strengths.
  • We value our customers. Their needs guide our actions.
  • We make organic products with love.

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